James D. Cobb, USMA 1811.

Cullum #58. Appointed from Vermont. Admitted 8 March 1808, age 19 years. Commissioned 2LT Light Artillery, March 1, 1811. 

In the USMA Cadet Application Papers (Microfilm reel 688-2) Cobb is listed as1808/2. There is a letter of recommendation from Martin Chittenden of Vermont for both Lucius Sawyer (who is not in Cullum's Register as so apparently did not enter West Point) and Cobb. It is reported that Cobb is from Granvill NY (contradicting the information that he was "admitted" from VT?) and is currently a student at Burlington College. The letter to Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War, reports that "They are young gentlemen of ---- [can't read one word] good habits strict application to their studies and bid fair to make useful members of society." [Microfilm not printed. See Library notebook II, p. 115]

Martin Chittenden (1763-1840) was at the time senator from VT. He is the son of Thomas Chittenden (1730-1797), after whom Chittenden county VT is named. This is where Burlington is. 

Born 1789. Date of death not in USMA library catalog or in Cullum.

I was not able to locate any of these colleges on the web. 

Discharged from the Army on March 9, 1814 by order of the President. Congress on February 3, 1829 and February 4, 1832 declared this discharge to be illegal and restored his rights as First Lieutenant. There must be something to look into here. In his Cullum file there is a two page letter to Cullum (Sept. 27, 1859) and a four page biography containing lots of discussion of his Court Martial but not much meaningful detail. I did not copy this. 


Perhaps this is our Cobb listed in the Census Index for Town of Seneca, NY, 1865.

See Charles Gratiot.