Jacob Ammen, USMA 1831

7 January 1807 - 6 February 1894, age 87.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, USMA, 1 October 1831 to 21 June 1832.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, USMA, 4 October 1834 to 31 August 1836.
Professor of Mathematics, Bacon College, Georgetown, KY, 1837-1839.
Professor of Mathematics, Jefferson College, Washington MS, 1839-1840.
Professor of Mathematics, University of Indiana, 1840-1843.
Professor of Mathematics, Jefferson College, Washington MS, 1843-1848.
Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Georgetown College, KY, 1848-1855.
Member of the Board of Visitors, USMA, 1875.
Having been appointed a Second Lieutenant, First Artillery, July 1st, 1831, he continued on duty at the Military Academy as Assistant Professor of Mathematics and [in the following summer] Infantry Tactics. This assignment brought him in close relation with Charles Davies, Professor of Mathematics, who, about this time, was turning his attention to the preparation of text books. "Shades, Shadows and Linear Perspective" was brought out in 1832, and in the preface, acknowledgments by the Professor were made to his assistants for their aid in the preparation of the plates, diagrams, etc., used in illustration." --- Annual Reunion, June 12th 1894.

"I resigned [from the Army] in Nov 1837 to fill a Professorship in Bacon College, at Georgetown Ky. The funds of that institution, not being sufficient to pay the professors, I left that institution March 1839 and accepted a Professorship in this institution [Jefferson College, Washington, Mississippi, from which he is writing] where I remained until April 1840, and not being able to get my salary or t live without it, I was again compelled to resign and accept a situation in the Indiana University, in which institution I remained until June 1843, when I was again induced to return to Miss." --- Letter to Cullum, December 13, 1847 [in Cullum File].

"I resigned my Professorship in Jefferson College Miss. in July 1848 and was appointed Prof. of Math in Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky - Sept 1848 -resigned Nov 1855 --- since which time I have resided at Ripley O. and followed Civil Engineering when my health will permit." --- Letter to Cullum, April 4, 1860 [in Cullum file].
After distinguished service in the Civil War he modestly wrote:
"permit me to say my "civil career" since 1865 has neither been conspicuous nor important --- perhaps not useful. From 1865 to 1869 I was engaged in Surveying and Civil Engineering . . . A member of the Board of Visitors to U. S. M. A. [sic --- when did this abbreviation come into use? Surely this is an early usage.] West Point N.Y. 1875. . . . Feb 1874 . . . surveyed for Inter-Oceanic Canals." --- Letter to Cullum, January 10, 1879.
Two etchings of him in his Cullum File. They are different. Oval shape. About 2 in high.


His g-g-g-grandson Donald Charles McGraw, Jr., (#36757) is a graduate.


Cullum #640. B-VA: A-OH: Arty: Resd37 1LT: Prof Math 37-55: CivEngr 55-61: BG USV 62: Resd65: CivEngr & Farmer 65-75: Bd of Visitors USMA 75: D-OH 6Feb94 a-87: DAB: Ob-AR 94. [From 1990 Register of Graduates]

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Arney, Chris, West Point's Scientific 200: Celebration of the Bicentennial. Biographies of 200 of West Point's Most Successful and Influential Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers, and Technologists, 2002.


He is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati: http://www.findagrave.com/pictures/5078.html