Robert Thomas Pircairn Allen, USMA 1834

Born 1813 in Maryland.

Drowned, July 9, 1888 in the Kissimmee River, Florida.


"Poe biographer John H. Ingram wrote to Sarah Helen Whitman that someone named "Allen" said that Poe worked "in the brickyard 'late in the fall of 1834'". This source has been identified as Robert T. P. Allen, a fellow West Point student during Poe's time there."  [Thomas, Dwight & David K. Jackson. The Poe Log: A Documentary Life of Edgar Allan Poe, 1809–1849. New York: G. K. Hall & Co., 1987: 141. ISBN0-7838-1401-1.]  Poe's time in the brickyard influenced the The Cask of Amontillado. Poe and Allen were WP classmates.


He married Julia Bond, niece of President Andrew Jackson, whom he had met while visiting the White House.