Oliver Otis Howard, USMA 1854

8 November 1830 - 26 October 1909, age 76.

When Howard returned to USMA as an "instructor" [that is the word Pappas uses, p. 313] he
intended to become a minister. Thus while at USMA he organized twice-weekly prayer meetings.





  Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, 2 Vols., New York: Baker & Taylor, 1907.
  "Discipline in the Army," for a New York monthly. [Pappas, p. 313]


Cullum #1634 [From 1990 Register of Graduates]
Dictionary of American Biography, vol V [have photocopy].



Place of Burial:

Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont, USA. Specific Interment Location: Pine Grove 1 Section, Lot 40.
Info from:   http://www.findagrave.com/city/1266.html


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