Henry Dearborn to George Baron, May 11, 1801, informing him he will be appointed  teacher of mathematics at West Point.

[[ In margin of letter-book: ]]  Mr George Baron

War Department May 11th 1801


Your letter to me dated April 19th and the one of the 5th instant have been received and considered. I am authorized by the President of the United Sates to inform you, that you will be appointed a teacher of Mathematics as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made at West Point for the reception of the Teachers & Students, which will probably take one or two months, and if you can conclude to accept this appointment, you will make your arrangements accordingly. I think that you may expect your appointment by the first part of June. There will be at West point, the Inspector of Artillery and the Inspector of Fortifications, and probably another gentleman as practical teacher of Gunnery and Engineering. The teaching of Mathematics will be your particular branch of business. The pay as now stipulated by law I consider as insufficient, but it will rest with Congress to increase it [;] it is now fifty dollars per month and two rations of provisions per day but we can allow you a house rent free, and a certain proportion of fire wood say from twelve to eighteen cord a year. You will draw the two rations of provisions per day in kind, or receive the value in money at the price agreed upon with the contractors for supplying the post. I think it probable that you will be allowed to summer a cow on the public grounds. I am &c H. D.

Cited by Crackel 2002, p. 305. Source: Miscellaneous Letters Sent, Secretary of War, M370, RG107, NA.

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