Henry Dearborn to Major Thos. H. Cushing reports, October 19, 1801, that a letter from Baron reports that some subalterns will refuse to receive instruction and that Cushing is to take action.

War Department, 19 Oct. 1801.


       *           *         *         *          *          *          *           *          *

By a letter from Mr. Baron, Teacher of the Military Academy at West Point, I have the unexpected and unpleasant intelligence that some subalterns, who were ordered to that Post for the purpose, refuse to attend and receive the instruction offered them by the wisdom of the Government. Its important and useful designs must not be permitted to be frustrated in this manner; the instruction offered in the Academy is necessary for an officer, and those who will continue to refuse it, must be considered unfit for service. You will please to take order accordingly.

I am Sir, &c.


Major Thos. H. Cushing.

From the typescript volume War Department Letters Relating to the U. S. Military Academy, 1801-1838, Selected by Edward S. Holden, October 1903.

This original is in the War Department Military Book #1, p. 110-111.