"1801, November 16. Letter of Secretary of War to Cadet Swift respecting his misunderstanding with Mr. Baron. War Dept. Military Book No. 1." [From Centennial, vol. 2, p. 52.]

War Department

 16th November, 1801.


I have received your letter of the 9th instant and am pleased to find that you have shown yourself dly sensible of the impropriety of your conduct toward Mr. Baron. I shall recommend to him to let the misunderstanding between you & him be buried in oblivion, and hope that by an uniformity of good conduct and attention to your studies in future, you will not only obtain improvement and satisfaction to yourself but give the surest pledge of the sincereity with which you make an acknowledgement of your error. 

I am sir, &c.,


Joseph G.. Swift.

From the typescript volume War Department Letters Relating to the U. S. Military Academy, 1801-1838, Selected by Edward S. Holden, October 1903.

This original is in the War Department Military Book #1, p. 126.