Jonathan Williams to Henry Dearborn about the Court of Enquiry concerning Baron, February 1, 1802.

West Point Febr. 1st 1802.


After a tedious and daily sitting /sundays [sic] only excepted/ since 18 Jan, an unforeseen circumstance has suspended the Court of Enquiry relative to the Charges against M. Baron, untill [sic] I can receive your instructions on the subject. To give you a full Idea of this circumstance and of my conduct in consequence of it, I must beg leave to refer you to the last days proceedings, and to the question on which the Court adjourned Jan. 30th. I feel assured, Sir, that these will convince you, that I have been guided by no other motive than a strict regard to duty & propriety.

The communication from M. Baron relative to his resignation, copy of which you have inclosed [sic; i.e., will find enclosed], came to me in consequence of its being the day of Muster when I thought proper to make up an Academy Roll. But for this circumstance I should have continued the Court, and decided the question proposed, so far as relates to the propriety of the last Interrogatory. As it is, Sir, I am confident after considering the reasons I have offered you will agree with me that it was proper to adjourn the Court until further orders, and if none are received it will remained adjourned sine die.

I transmit the proceedings without opinion or comment which I esteem it my duty to do, indeed the perusal of the proceedings and the Documents, will be sufficient to form your judgment.

It is a matter of great Regret to me, that this Institution in this early stage of it should be deprived of an able Teacher, but this event has become unavoidable. I trust & hope that another will soon be appointed, and in the mean time  shall do all I can to make the Loss as little felt as possible.

I have the honor to be &c

Secretary of War

From Jonathan Williams MSS at the Lilly Library at Indiana University. One reel of microfilm, Cabinet 1, Drawer 9. Not listed in the computer catalog.