"1802, February 11. Secretary of War to Maj. Jonathan Williams respecting court of inquiry on Mr. Baron's conduct. Baron's dismissal is forwarded with total disapprobation of his public and private conduct. War Dept. Military Book No. 1." [From Centennial, vol. 2, p. 53.]

War Department,

 11th February, 1802.


Having examined the proceedings of the Court of enquiry held at West Point, and transmitted by you to this office it appears that Mr. Barron [[sic-vfr]], Teacher of Mathematics in the Military Academy at that Post has conducted in a manner unbecoming his station & improper as a man. His attempt to avail himself of my lenity after having declined resigning his place and insisting on an investigation of his conduct was highly disingenuous.

I herewith enclose you his discharge, not grounded on, or resulting from his pretended resignation; but as a dismissal from the service of the United States, & as an evidence of my total disapprobation of his public and private conduct.

After having given the enclosed publicity, among the Officers and Cadets of the Garrison you will please to forward it to Mr. Barron [[sic-vfr]] at New York.

I am sir, &c.

H. D.

Jonathan Williams

From the typescript volume War Department Letters Relating to the U. S. Military Academy, 1801-1838, Selected by Edward S. Holden, October 1903.

This original is in the War Department Military Book #1, p. 150.