Olivier Models
In descriptive geometry the academy had a magnificent collection of models, but they were shown to us after the study was finished --- in other words, mental discipline was the object --- practical helps and aims were secondary.
Arthur Hardy, USMA 1869
Quoted on p. 52 of The Best School in the World, by James L. Morrison, Jr.

The department possesses also 26 models of geometrical surfaces, some of which are of marked value to the members of the third class when studying descriptive geometry. Those showing the forms and methods of generation of certain warped surfaces seem to be of especial assistance to them.

Annual Report of the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy 1896, p. 78.

I have begun a catalog of the string models that we have at West Point. Pictures of all 24 of our models are available. 

There are Olivier string models in several locations:

There are several catalogs of models. A concordance is in progress. 


The Mathematics Department Diary, 1972-1973 contains the following information at tab 9:


Analytic Geometry

Item Use and/or Description Type  Qty
Ruled and Rectilinear Helpful in visualizing surfaces of 2d degree equations. MOD 22
Surfaces (String     String Models:
Models) Ruled Surfaces (10)
Rectilinear surfaces (2)
Right Conicoid (1)
Conical surfaces (1)
Elliptic cylinder and plane (1)
Congruent conical surfaces (1)
Hyperboloid of one sheet (1)
Hyperbolic paraboloid (1)
Intersection cone w/variable vertices (1)
Intersection of two ruled surfaces (1)
Intersection of two Conicoids (2)




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Models made by the late Prof. Neukirch in Regensburg.

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