Bibliography of Works Relating West Point

[But not specifically to Mathematics]



Anon., Niles Register, July 6, 1822, p. 291.

Discusses the Annual Examination which ended July 1, 1822. Lists the Board of Visitors and the five cadets who ranked highest in each class. Available via APS Online. Have copy.




Shuger, Scott, "The case against the military academies," The Washington Monthly, October 1994, pp. 20-22.

The academies produce 16% of the new officers each year, ROTC 64%, OCS 20% at respective costs of $250,000, 65,000 and 25,000. He claims there is no discernable difference in the quality of these officers. Academy graduates do not stay in the service longer either. Thus the academies should be closed down to save money. I don't know if there was any attempt to refute this article. [Have copy]