This page contains all sections of the web pages of the National Archives and Records Administration's Record Groups 77 and 94 which deal with USMA and a link to RG 404 which deals entirely with USMA.

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Records of the Office of the Chief of Engineers  [OCE]
(Record Group 77). 1789-1988. 26,437 cu. ft.

                            11,266 lin. ft.

                            History: Corps of Artillerists and Engineers authorized for three years by an act
                            of May 9, 1794 (1 Stat. 366), and continued indefinitely by an act of March 3,
                            1795 (1 Stat. 430). Abolished by an act of March 16, 1802 (2 Stat. 132), with
                            artillerists organized as the Regiment of Artillerists, and engineers separately
                            organized as the Corps of Engineers. By same act, Corps of Engineers
                            designated the faculty and staff of the U.S. Military Academy, with headquarters
                            in West Point, NY. The Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Military Academy
                            were collectively designated the Engineer Department, with headquarters
                            transferred to New York City, 1815. Commandant of the Corps of Engineers,
                            variously styled Principal Engineer, Chief Engineer, and lastly, Chief of Engineers,
                            transferred his headquarters to Washington, DC, and established OCE, 1818.
                            SEE 77.1.

 77.2.7 Reports

                            Textual Records: Annual reports to the Secretary of War, 1842-67. Monthly
                            returns, 1832-1918. Recruitment returns, 1855, 1860-65. Monthly returns
                            received from the 1st, 2d, and 3d Engineer Battalions, 1861-1916; and the
                            engineer detachment at the U.S. Military Academy, 1902-12. Monthly returns
                            received from engineer posts at Washington Barracks, DC; Jefferson Barracks,
                            St. Louis, MO; Yerba Buena Island, CA; and Willetts Point, NY, 1866-1915.

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Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1780's-1917
(Record Group 94).  ca. 1775-1928 (bulk 1783-1920).  38,126 cu. ft.

 94.2.3 Records relating to regular army personnel

                            Textual Records: Registers of enlistments, 1798-1914. Enlistment papers,
                            1798-1912. Orders, discharges, medical and burial records, and other records
                            concerning regular army personnel ("Personal Papers"), 1812-1912. Certificates
                            of disability, 1812- 99. Records relating to deceased soldiers ("Final
                            Statements"), 1862-99. Registers of discharges, 1872-83. Reports of physical
                            examinations of candidates for admission to the U.S. Military Academy,
                            1861-1908. Recommendations for promotions, 1917. Record of retired men,
                            1915-20. Register of prisoners, 1879-1901.

                            Microfilm Publications: M233.

 94.2.6 Records relating to the U.S. Military Academy

                            History: Established at West Point, NY, as a War Department organization, by
                            an act of March 16, 1802 (2 Stat. 137). Under Chief of Engineers, 1802-66;
                            Inspector General of the Army, Office of the Secretary of War (OSW),
                            1866-71; and Military Academy Office, OSW, 1871-77. With Post of West
                            Point, administered as a separate military department under General-in- Chief of
                            the Army, 1877-82. Under Secretary of War, 1882-1947; and Secretary of the
                            Army, 1947-present.

                            Textual Records: Letters sent, 1812-94, 1898-1904. Letters received, with
                            reports and related papers, 1819-1904. General and special orders, 1814-1915.
                            Annual and semiannual rolls of cadets, 1812-1915 (with gaps). Merit rolls,
                            1818-66. Class reports and conduct rolls, 1820-25, 1831-94. Records relating
                            to examinations, 1816-1900. Registers of cadets, 1803-94. Cadet warrants,
                            1895-1917. Cadet application papers, 1814-66, with index. Register of
                            candidates for appointment, 1866-94. Records relating to unsuccessful
                            applications, 1866-76. Records relating to the Board of Visitors, 1823-1904.

                            Microfilm Publications: M91, M688, M1002.

                            Related Records: Records of the U.S. Military Academy, RG 404. Record
                            copies of publications of the U.S. Military Academy in RG 287, Publications of
                            the U.S. Government.

Records of the United States Military Academy  [USMA]
(Record Group 404). 1800-1993. 1,426 cu. ft.

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