van der Waerden's Algebra

van der Waerden, B. L., Modern algebra / by B. L. Van Der Waerden ; in part a development from lectures by E. Artin and E. Noether ; translated from the 2d rev. German ed. by Fred Blum ; with revisions and additions by the author, New York : F. Ungar, 1949-1950.

This is the only edition in the USMA library: QA155 .W32, two volumes. The "Revised English" edition of 1953 is available via ConnectNY (how much different is it?).

van der Waerden, B. L., "On the sources of my book "Moderne Algebra" ', Historia Mathematica, 2 (1975), 31-40.


Schlote, K. -H., "B. L. van der Waerden, Moderne Algebra, first edition (1930-1931)," pp. 901-916 in Landmark writings in Western mathematics 1640-1940 (Elsevier, 2005), edited by Ivor Grattan-Guinness.

A solid synopsis of the book!


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Kimberling, Clark, Bartel Leendert van der Waerden (1903-1996)
mathematician, historian

A web page with a picture of the young van der Waerden (age? source?) and a few references.

Mac Lane, Saunders, "Van der Waerden's Modern Algebra,"  Notices of the American Mathematical Society, March 1997, 321-322. [Have copy]