Cullum Hall


On the south wall of the main room on the first hall there are plaques honoring the "Professors of the Military Academy Appointed During the First Century of Its Existence." Facing south on the left of the entrance we find the following:


Jared Mansfield Andrew Ellicott Claudius Berard Claud Crozet
Thomas Picton David B. Douglass Charles Davies Charles P. McIlvaine
Thomas Warner Edward H. Courtenay Dennis W. Mahan Robert W. Weir
William H. C. Bartlett Albert E. Church Jacob W. Bailey Jasper Adams


To the right of the door we find:

William T. Sprole Hyacinth R. Angel John W. French Henry L Kendrick
Patrice DeJanon Peter S. Michie Junius B. Wheeler John Forsyhe
Charles W. Larned Edgar W. Bass Samuel E. Tillman William M. Postelethwaith
James Mercur Edward E. Wood Gustav J. Fieberger Wright P. Edgerton


On the north wall of the same room, on the left (west) we have "Professors of the Military Academy":

William B. Gordon Charles P. Echols Lucius H. Holt Cornelis D. Willcox
Wirt Robinson Edwin R. Stewart Clifton C. Carter Roger G. Alexander
William A. Mitchell William E. Morrison Clayton E. Wheat Chaucey L. Fenton
Herman Beukema Harris Jones Gerald Counts Thomas D. Stamps
Oscar J. Gatchell Boyd W. Bartlett George R. Stevens Laurence E. Schick

Also on the north wall, separated by a portrait of Pershing, we find on the right:

Chalres W. West Joan W. Coffee William W. Bessell, Jr Charles J. Barrett
John D. Billingsley   George A. Lincoln Vincent J. Esposito
  Charles P. Nicholas Russell K. Alspach  
Charles R. Broshous      

In the hallway inside the main door we find plaques honoring the "Superintendents of the Military Academy." On the north wall we have:

Jonathan Williams Joseph Gardiner Swift Alden Partridge Sylvanus Thayer
Rene Edward Russy Richard Delafield Henry Brewerton Robert Edward Lee
John G. Barnard Pierre G. T. Buauregard Alexander Hamilton Bowman Zealous Bates Tower
Thomas Gamble Picher George W. Cullum Oliver O. Howard John Moulder Wilson
Thomas H. Ruger Wesley Merritt
John M. Schofield John G. Parke
Oswald Herbert Ernst Albert Leopold Mills Hugh Lenox Scott Thomas Henry Barry

Finally, on the south wall we find:

Clarence Page Townsley John Biddle Samuel E. Tillman Douglas MacArthur
Fred Winchester Sladen Merch Bradt Stewart Edwin Baruch Winans William Ruthven Smith
William D. Connor Jay L. benedict Robert L. Eichelberger Francis B. Wilby
Maxwell D. Taylor Bryant Edward Moore   Blackshear M. Bryan
    James B. Lampert